Saturday, February 27, 2010

Great Crossing is my HOME... until Heaven, of course!!

I grew up in a little community, called Great Crossing, three miles west of Georgetown. It is just a tiny little area, but to me it is huge. I attended, and still do attend, Great Crossing Baptist Church. By the way, it is diagonally across the street from my house and if I try to play hookey, they know it. LOL This church is my "home" church and even though I have attended Southland Christian Church in Lexington a lot, Great Crossing Baptist Church has a good hold on my heart! All of my life I lived next door to the church parsonage, for those of you who don't remember church parsonages, it is a house owned by the church where the preacher and his family live. That meant my very best friends were preacher's children. When I was in 5th grade, a preacher named Brother Albert Griffin and his family moved next door. WOW, was I excited because their daughter, Debbie was my age and their youngest daughter, Denise, was a few years younger. This meant that I had a true neighbor, my age and she was even in my class at school!! That was just awesome :)
Debbie and I spent every waking hour together, we went to church together, went to school together and afternoons and evenings played every chance we got. We spent the night with each other and we truly were "best friends." All summer long we rode bikes in the church parking lot, danced to music on her picnic table (since we were Baptist, I don't think we were supposed to be dancing), played with her kittens and attended Vacation Bible School. Those were the days!! The only worry we had was what we were going to do next...

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