Friday, January 21, 2011

Missing a part of life as I know it...

I haven't been on here for months and honestly, I could not find my blog!! How funny is that? I just totally forgot where it was... Tonight however, I'm back : )

One week ago, my Papa Gene died. He had lung cancer... I think that cancer is such a thief. It robs people! It robbed me of more years with my stepdad... It robbed my mom of her husband... It robbed Lawsen of his Poppy... It robbed Kayla Ann of her granddad... I just don't understand cancer...

I did get to see how wonderful Hospice of the Bluegrass is... They took care of Papa Gene for a little over a week and I just don't think I can explain how gentle, kind and caring everyone from Hospice that we met was... They helped get the equipment that my mom needed to care for Papa Gene at home... The hospital bed, wheelchair, shower stool, just everything they knew that would help my mom out!!! Then, when Papa Gene was transferred to the Hospice Center in St Joseph Hospital they did not leave us while we watched and waited for what we knew would soon happen... They made his life so comfortable, even to the very end... For that I will always be grateful...

I learned that dying is a process, just as being born... Your body goes through many things as you are separating from it to go to Heaven... It was amazing... I learned that the body uses up all of the moisture in it before it dies... A dying person will get a rapid heart beat, sweat even if they are just sleeping and that burns up all of the fluid they have left... The brain sends out a signal to the body that a dying person does NOT need to eat or drink... The brain tells them that they are satisfied and if you force food or drink on them, they will get sick... The body cannot process the food or water...

You know how sometimes a person has a "near death experience" and they tell how their life flashed before their eyes? Well, a person that is dying a terminal death reviews every screen of their life that has happened. Good, bad or just mundane, they see everything!!! When they are finished with the review, they can die... I have decided that I want to die a quick death... That way I won't have to take so long reviewing my life!!

One last thing that I learned: Hearing is the first sense to develop on a baby and hearing is the last thing to leave on a dying person... We are wonderfully and completely made..

March 8th, 1931 - January 15th, 2011... I sure do miss you, Papa Gene... I'm glad you didn't have to suffer any longer than you did... I will take care of mom and Barney and Angus... I will keep in touch with Robbin... I will keep you alive in the hearts of my family : )

Thank you God that Papa Gene passed through my life for over 19 years... I will see him again!!


  1. Wonderful, insightful blog, Marylou. Thank you for allowing those of us who have come to know and love you to share your thoughts during this time in your life.