Monday, March 1, 2010

My Forever Family

I have always lived in the Great Crossing community, except for a few years when I moved into town, so my roots are deep here. When my parents built our house in Great Crossing they built the basement first, then we lived in it while the house was being built. They did not get a home loan, they just saved their money and built it! How cool is that? Too bad we can't figure out how to do that in today's economy.

I lived right on KY 227, Stamping Ground Road, and I still do. Someone in my family always lived in the first house coming down the road, my son and his little boy live there now. The second house was my grandparents house, it is gone now due to a fire a few years ago. The third house was my Uncle and Aunt's house, she still lives there today and the fourth house was MINE!! I had plenty of people to visit during the days when I was little, I loved my grandparents and I would go there every chance I got. My grandmother was an awesome cook so she always had plenty to eat. My grandfather kept tiny little bottles of Coca Cola in his refrigerator and he readily shared with me. In fact, we split one of those tiny Cokes!! They also had an old metal storage cabinet in the kitchen. This cabinet held the chewing gum and he always gave me a "cake" of gum. If we ran out of anything Granddaddy would take us across the big road (US 460) to the store to get whatever we wanted. They were awesome grandparents to me and I loved them dearly.

Grandmomma knew how to sew, cook and she could figure out how to make about anything! She taught me how to sew on a pedal sewing machine, it was great and if you don't know what a pedal machine is, you have got to find out. I thought I was something else getting to sew on that machine. Grandmomma also had an iron press machine that she used to iron everything. It was great and I have never seen another house have one. When she used the iron press it smelled so good, like the real meaning of "fresh." She taught me so much and for that I will forever be grateful.

Granddaddy was a "jack of all trades." He did industrial yard spraying, drove a school bus, he ran a store, raised rabbits, was a fantastic gardner and always took care of his family. My daddy had 2 brothers and 2 sisters so I know times were hard but my granddaddy knew what to do to keep his family fed. He was an orphan and he ended up living with my grandmothers family when he got older. Back then, everyone just passed the children out for others to raise them and believe it or not, it worked out! I still try to keep up with the remaining family members and even though I don't know some of them very well, they still are family. My grandfather bought the "Moore family land" and as his children grew, he gave everyone a plot to build on. I still live on my daddy's plot of land. I am so blessed to have been raised by a loving, caring family...

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