Wednesday, March 3, 2010

School days, school days, dear old golden rule days!!!

We have already established the fact that I attended Great Crossing Elementary School, which was an awesome experience!! Next stop, Scott County Jr. High, was not so great. When I really think about middle school the main thing I remember is the showers when gym class was over. It was awful!! When I was a middle schooler girls were not as developed as they are today. In fact, I was a scrawny little thing. I was the shortest in my class, could have passed for a little boy and didn't fit in very well.

One of the days I remember clearly was when I wore my training bra backwards all day long without realizing it.. haha .. Let me fill you in, when I put my bra on in the mornings, I turned it around backwards to fasten it. That particular day, I must have been in a hurry because, I did not turn it back around! Can you imagine my tears, mixed with laughter, when I got ready to change my clothes after I got home? Hormones raged and it was not a good thing. I was worried to death that people knew and did not tell me, however, that was just not the case. Middle schoolers say whatever crosses their little brains. Even if it hurts your feelings, they just don't have the appropriate filters on their mouths that you eventually get!

Now, going back to the showers after gym. Some of the girls were fully developed and some, like me, were not. In the shower you saw everything that anyone had, big or little, tall or short, you get the point. That was an embarrassing time in my life, the dreaded nakedness! I remember one day I wrapped my towel tightly around my skinny little body and headed to the shower. Guess what happened next? I hit a wet spot on the floor and fell flat! My towel went flying and even if I had broken my back on the concrete, I jumped up like my butt was on fire and grabbed that towel to cover myself back up! Thankfully, that scenario was repeated by others throughout that school year :0

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