Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tomboy, as a matter of fact, I am!!

I was always a tomboy! My mom and dad had two girls, I was the youngest, so I was my daddy's tomboy. I hung outside with my daddy every chance I got. When it came time for dishes, I was helping my daddy mow... When it came time for cleaning the house, I was helping my daddy pick up limbs and rake leaves!!! You get the point. My toys included Barbie's, but I also had cowboys, indians and their horses, I had baseball gloves, balls and bats and any other toy that lead to the great outdoors! I loved being outside and I still do.

I remember learning to mow at a very young age, in fact, I could barely keep the riding mower running because I was such a skinny little girl. I mowed all of the Moore family land and I loved it! No one ever paid me because back then you just did stuff to help your family for free, novel idea!! My daddy was so proud of me and he would take the mower and "cut out" the path I was to mow. He showed me how to navigate the mower so close to everything that we hardly ever had to weedeat. I can still do that today. I call it the "Jimmy Moore Mowing School Way" and it really is the best.

My poor sister, Linda, was a "girly girl" and she did not like to play outside at all! In fact, she would rather stay in the house and read, can you believe that? It was terrible when I made her go outside and pitch the baseball to me so I could practice hitting it. If I hit the ball hard enough that it went over her head, I had to go get it! She was not much fun outside and I was mean to her because she would never play with me... Looking back, if I had been nicer to her, she might have enjoyed playing with me a little more!!

Since I had no one to play with most of the time, I played with my collie "Teddy" and that big boy never left my side! I don't know if I loved him the most, or he loved me the most, but we sure did have fun! I used to take him on safari's and I would pack a lunch for me and a snack for him. Then we would wonder all over the Moore family land and have tons of adventures! He was by my side when I got my first bbgun and learned how to shoot it. He wasn't even afraid and stayed by my side when my daddy took the mower off of an old riding mower and let me use it as my means of transportation. That mower was loud, but Teddy did not let it bother him! I don't really remember if any children ever were stolen when I was a little girl, but I know with Teddy by my side, that no one would touch me. I was very protected by my very best friend...

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